Attention Heart Centered, Conscious Women Solopreneurs Who Want to Finally Be Able to Get It Done!

Dump the Clutter Tame the Paper Tiger Tie Up Loose Ends & Envision the Coming Year

28 Days to pave the way to order and freedom and finally get it done

Sheila Hawkins


If you’re like most solopreneurs your days can be hard to navigate when it comes to getting everything done and still managing to have a life. You might be running out of time in the day before you run out of things to do.  So many struggle to move beyond the chaos and get things done and don’t have the freedom that working for yourself offers you.  Sadly, this is the norm and the struggle continues no matter what you try.

I’m Sheila Hawkins, and every day I help women solopreneurs move beyond their blockages to establish order and get things done.  Right now you’re:

  • Totally discombobulated
  • Wondering why you haven’t reached the goals you set and why and how that happened
  • Scrambling to get something–ANYTHING done, so you can say you accomplished something before it’s too late
  • Having the “shoulda, woulda, coulda” conversation and beating yourself up
  • Noticing that your business is getting in the way of your life

Am I right?  If you’re saying “She’s talking about me!” or “How did she know?”,  then keep reading. I know just where you are and I’ve got a concrete solution for what ails you.

Every day you start out with the best of intentions, aimed at getting everything done and then somehow you lose control.  Unexpected things come up and you scramble to handle what was in the original plan for the day plus the additional things and before you know it, the day is done and you’re not.  Nothing is getting done and your work day and all of its stuff carry over into your personal life.  Not good!

All of this is happening because you’re spending time on things that suck the life and time out of your day.  Instead of focusing on the important things, you’re wasting your time (and at this point have wasted your year) on:

  • Looking for things, shuffling through the clutter and trying to move through the chaos
  • Reinventing the wheel because you don’t know where you put it after you created it the first time–or the second or third time either
  • email
  • Unimportant and hot to handle must do tasks
  • Being a “yes” woman
  • Procrastinating
  • Working without an action plan and expecting to get somewhere


My Get It Done Challenge is here to cure what ails you!
“I have to say Sheila Hawkins’ 28 Day Challenge has helped me clean out the clutter in my office!!!  I couldn’t concentrate before I got started but now I can.”
Taquila Coleman,

This 28 day challenge, if you’re up to it, gives you daily tips and tidbits from my productivity coaching programs.  Each one is focused on helping you move past the chaos to create order, giving yourself a foundation to finally be able to get things done!  All you have to do is commit to investing just a short amount of your time each day to digest your daily tidbit and then prepare to take the action step for that day. You’ll get:

  • Daily tips and tidbits delivered directly to your inbox
  • Action steps that you can take to move forward
  • A process to help you get rid of your office clutter
  • A way to tame the paper tiger
  • Steps to jump start or revamp your business systems
  • A way to tie up loose ends with incomplete tasks and projects
  • To create your vision in preparation for your planning

Over the course of just 28 days you’ll be able to move beyond the things that have you wasting your time, create order in your chaotic realm and set the stage for getting things done.  Join me for this challenge and get on the path to paving the way to order in your business and having the freedom that working for yourself affords you.   Which is really a big part of the reason that you work for yourself, right?  Spend this time with me, let go of your pain and discomfort.

In just 28 days you will…GettingThingsDone

  • Be able to locate anything in your office within 30 seconds or less–no more shuffling
  • Identify and implement the systems that you need to support you
  • Gain control of your inbox once and for all
  • Learn how to focus on the important things
  • Create new supportive habits
  • Learn how and when to say “no” and be okay with it
  • Understand how to use procrastination in a positive way
  • Gain focus so that you can create your action plan
  • Establish the order necessary to get things done

If you’re up to this challenge you simply have to click below to sign up and get started right away.  If you’re really ready to put an end to the days of not getting things done and having your business life spill over into your personal life, commit yourself to this challenge now.  Give yourself the opportunity to create order and get to the freedom that you were looking for when you put on that solopreneur hat.

“Sheila, I appreciate you!  I would be really overwhelmed were it not for your gentle pushes!  I am so glad that you are bringing order to my papers. Having a place for my paper, work and a manageable easy system of access is definitely a competitive advantage!”
Gwen Winston, g. bailey winston enterprise, ltd.
Oh…and there’s a bonus!!

During the Challenge, you’ll be able to attend a special Teleconference just for those who accept this challenge that brings everything together for you and you’ll have the opportunity to get your questions answered.  No need to register for the call, you’ll automatically get the details when you sign up.

If you’re ready to step up and accept the 28 Day Get It Done Challenge, you’re going to be able to:

  • Dump the clutter and tame the paper tiger
  • Be free from email overload
  • Know how to eliminate the unimportant stuff
  • Revive or create new systems to support you inside your business
  • Use procrastination to increase your productivity
  • Say “no” and feel no guilt
  • Begin to create your 2015 goals and outline your action plan

For your small investment of $47 you can join me for this challenge and be on your way down that path. Your first tidbit will hit your inbox right away so you can get started as soon as you sign up.  So if you’re ready to rise to the challenge, click to get in the door now. Gain access to clearing the slate and setting the stage for 2015 and Get It Done!

You’re scrambling to get things done and running out of time every day. Step up to the plate, rise to the challenge and get on the path to Get It Done!