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You Don't Have To Be Tired of Clutter and The Constant Struggle That Comes With It Any More

Discover the Steps to Clear the Clutter for Good


When it comes to clutter, it’s not about discovering the steps to clear this…


Clutter is a time suck and it monopolizes your life.  It can be a constant challenge for some, and it contributes to decreased productivity, wasted money, and wasted time. Did you know that on average, a person who works with a cluttered desk spends 1½ hours each day just looking for things?  That time adds up quickly and amounts to 7½ hours each week!  That’s pretty scary, huh?  If you’re working with a cluttered desk, or in a cluttered space, you’re wasting almost an entire work day looking for things and recreating the wheel because you haven’t dealt with your clutter.  Stop and think for a moment about what that means; the impact that it has on your business.  How much time and money is clutter costing you?

Sheila HawkinsI am Sheila Hawkins, and I see the productivity challenges that women solopreneurs are dealing with every day.  I’ve been watching women struggle with this challenge for over 13 years and believe that if you can clear your clutter for good, you can remove blockages that are keeping you from moving forward in your business and in your life.  Since you’re here, I know that you’re struggling with clutter, just like you so many other women are dealing with this every day.  This is what I know about you:

  • Clutter has been a constant in your work life, and probably in your personal life too
  • You’ve tried to get rid of it, but it just keeps coming back to haunt you
  • Because you don’t know what to do about it, you deal with it daily and try to work through it
Believe it or not, the key to eliminating your clutter lies within you


Clutter is a symptom of what’s going on in your life and has direct physical, mental, emotional and spiritual connections.  You are your clutter and your clutter is you.  Until you get to the root causes that lie within, you will never be able to get clutter out of your life.  That’s one thing that I know to be true about clutter, but not everyone knows this.  Usually the focus is on getting rid of the clutter, and because that’s where the focus is placed, the clutter can be cleared, but will almost always, undoubtedly return leaving you puzzled as to why you can’t get rid of it and have it be gone for good. So what happens is you get rid of the clutter on your desk or in your office  and it comes back leaving you stumped and:

  • There have been numerous times that you’ve said “I’ve got to get rid of this clutter.”
  • Once the pile on your desk was gone it came back almost immediately or showed up somewhere else
  • The challenge has left you frustrated and wondering why you can’t seem to shake having clutter
  • You’re thinking that clutter is about the stuff that’s taking up space in your office
  • You’re looking for a solution that will free you from the clutter

Here’s the thing…like most people, you’ve got it twisted.  Getting rid of clutter has absolutely nothing to do with the stuff that you’re trying to get rid of.  Once again, your clutter is all about you, it’s not about anything outside of you.  You see, on the surface, spaces get cluttered because things aren’t assigned a home; because people shop without a list or without thinking before they buy; can’t decide whether or not to keep something; or because they keep things because that have a monetary or sentimental value attached to them. In my interaction with clients I have gone beneath the surface and found that those dealing with clutter have usually had something happen that started the process of the clutter accumulating.  Beneath the surface lies the truth about you and your clutter.

What you don’t know is…
  • Clutter is a symptom of something that’s going on inside of you
  • The clutter that you’re dealing with in your office every day has physical, emotional, mental or spiritual connections
  • Those connections are at the root of the reason for your constant or recurring clutter
  • Clutter is stagnant or stuck energy
  • The only way to be truly clutter free is to deal with its root cause

There are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual connections between you and your environment.  The same is so when it comes to a cluttered environment.  When we look beyond the physical clutter we can begin to see the connections.





So just how does clutter relate to your physical body?  Clutter is like butter; it can lead to health issues and unwanted weight.  Often when you have clutter you’re also dealing with health concerns or excess body weight, which has you feel the same way the clutter does—drained, no balance, and heavy wanting to get out of or change your body.  In a cluttered space there is no real life present, there is limited movement or it can be difficult to move about the space, there is no balance, and walking into the space can make you feel uncomfortable or want to leave the space and make changes to it.  For some, the clutter is a means of protection just as excess body weight can be a form of protection.


  • Getting to the root cause of physical body issues is the key to being able to get rid of the clutter in your environment
  • Addressing health concerns or weight loss opens the door and motivates you to get rid of clutter permanently and vice versa
  • Getting rid of the physical clutter can cause lifestyle changes





When you look at this concept from the mental perspective, you see that clutter accumulates in physical spaces when mental clutter begins to accumulate.  The mental clutter is the result of stress, related emotions and minor or major shifts or changes in life.  When you’re cluttered mentally, you can find it difficult to focus and we’re not clear.

  • Your thought patterns represent what your physical environment looks like
  • When your environment is cluttered you can feel mentally weighed down
  • When your mind is clear of clutter, so is your environment




Yes, there is an emotional connection to your clutter.  Now, you may not think about this area of your life being cluttered, but how many times have you known people to walk around with unresolved emotions?  What happens at the end of a relationship?  Usually there are things that remain unfinished, unsaid, and plenty of emotion as well as the baggage to go along with it.

  • Relationships can leave you cluttered emotionally and they can also drain you
  • If there is enough emotional clutter and it remains for long enough, the emotional clutter spills over into your physical environment
  • Rid your life of the emotions and the people who contribute to your emotional clutter, and you can remove the clutter from your environment without having it return




Finally, there are the spiritual connections that exist between you and your clutter. This area is extremely important, as spirituality is at your core.  You are a spiritual being having a human experience.  Everything is energy, including clutter.  We know that like attracts like, therefore, clutter attracts more clutter.  The more clutter you have in a space, the heavier or more negative the energy, which impacts you directly.  This is the energy that will keep you from being productive in a number of ways.

Everyone has their own personal path; a reason why they are here on the planet, or life’s purpose and when there’s clutter you are detoured from that path because it becomes difficult to connect with your Higher Power or Creator, and your Higher or Spiritual Self.  When you hold on to things you remain connected to the past.  The things you hold onto hold the energy from past relationships or other situations, and you stay there in that space unable to connect on a spiritual level or to move forward on your path.  The clutter leaves you in a place where you have absolutely no freedom, which is completely opposite from the freedom that is inherent within you as a spiritual being.

  • The energy that clutter creates in your space will blur your vision and keep you from moving forward
  • The things that you hold on to hold energy from relationships and situations
  • When spiritual clutter dissipates, you not only have freedom, but there is freedom of movement in your environment


        The only way to be truly clutter free is to deal with the root cause of your clutter

Before you get ready to roll up your sleeves and clear the clutter from your space, you must take a look at what lies beneath.  This is exactly what we’re going to do in my workshop.  What’s going on with you physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually?  There is so much more to clutter than meets the eye.  Many people think that clutter is only stuff that needs to be removed or put away, and wonder how it could be so difficult to get rid of, but don’t be fooled.  It really isn’t that simple.  You are your clutter and if you really want to get rid of the clutter once and for all, here’s where I can help you.   Join me for my 2-Day, intensive virtual workshop, It’s Not About the Paper: The Truth about Clutter.



2-Day Intensive Virtual Workshop November 6th & 7th 10am-1pm

The cool thing is that you’ll start working on eliminating your clutter before the workshop.  Over the course of these two days, you’re going to learn:

  • Ways your environment impacts how you feel
  • How clutter affects your physical body
  • How extra body weight affects the way your environment looks
  • The emotional ties to clutter
  • How mental clutter takes up space in your environment
  • The spiritual ties to clutter
  • How de-cluttering influences lifestyle changes


We’ll get to the truth about clutter and why it’s present in your life through the tools and information you’re going to receive in this workshop. You’ll gain a clear, deeper understanding of what clutter really is.  Before you can begin to change anything, you have to be completely aware of what’s going on.  If you’re struggling with clutter, wondering why you just can’t’ seem to get rid of it, this workshop has the answers for you.  This is the foundation for you being able to get to the root cause of your clutter and to begin to remedy the situation so that you can get rid of your clutter once and for all and be on the road to reclaiming your space!  You’ll walk away having reaped these benefits:

  • Discover the reasons that you personally are holding on to your clutter
  • Identify exactly what your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual connections are to the clutter in your space
  • Define your plan of action to remove your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual clutter
  • No more wasted time or money due to clutter
  • Reclaim your office space

Over the course of these 2 days, we’re going to explore the truth about clutter and I’ll give you insight to help you explore how the truth may relate to your personal situation or experience with your cluttered environment so that you can identify your personal connections to the clutter in your space.

7 Truths About Clutter


If you’re working with clutter every day, you’re wasting time and losing money, not to mention the fact that you aren’t as productive as you could be if the clutter were gone.   If you’re wondering how to get the clutter out of your workspace or if you’ve made attempts to do so and it just hasn’t happened, it’s time to rise to meet the challenge head on.  Get started with the process as soon as you register.  Make the time to attend this virtual event and…

  • Discover why you have to look beyond the clutter to be rid of it completely
  • Get a look at how your body, mind, emotions and spirituality factor into cluttered environments
  • Personalized attention to create the foundation for getting rid of your clutter once and for all
  • 2 intensive sessions with an established productivity expert
  • Tools and materials to guide you through the 2 days and afterward
  • Insight to the physical connections to your clutter from a seasoned professional holistic practitioner
  • Get started as soon as you register with the pre-workshop material
  • 15 minute check in session with me after the workshop

If you’re beyond frustrated and fed up because you’ve been dealing with clutter on a daily basis, trying your best to work through it and you’ve been stumped about why youWomanInOverwhelm can’t get rid of the clutter and you’re looking for a solution to end the madness so that you can function, then this workshop is for you!

  • Do you have clutter you can’t seem to get rid of?
  • Have you cleared the clutter only to have it return?
  • Would you like to get to the reason for your clutter so you can eliminate it?



The remedy for clutter calls for a look within. To get to the root cause of your clutter, you have to look beneath the surface to see what’s at play.  That requires you to take action.  So, now that you know that’s there’s more to clutter than meets the eye, what are you going to do about your clutter?  This virtual experience is your opportunity to discover why you can’t get rid of your clutter and how to eliminate it from your life.  There’s nowhere to drive to…start busting clutter from the comfort of your own office or home.

  • Stop wasting time and increase your productivity
  • Get your work space back
  • See how the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life are directly tied to your clutter
  • Gain clear understanding of the 7 Truths About Clutter

If you really want to get rid of your clutter I invite you to join me for this 2-Day intensive virtual event.  Right now you can make the choice to take action or you can continue to allow your clutter and its related root causes to grow and fester, make more failed attempts to get rid of it, leaving it and your connections to it in your environment holding you captive.  Taking action now means stepping up to the plate and doing whatever it takes to have yourself in a virtual room with me for these two days.

Register now for just $119.00.  Tickets for this 2-Day virtual event usually cost $279.00, which gives you a discount of over 55%!  Not to mention the value of what you receive as a participant and the real bonus of being able to reclaim your space, your time and your life. Simply priceless! This is the first time I’m presenting this workshop virtually, but not the last, and it won’t be at this low rate again.

As a bonus the first 5 people who register will receive a private 30-minute session with me over the course of the 2 workshop days.  This session is valued at $75.00.

If you’re hesitant because you’ve tried to get rid of your clutter before and weren’t able to do it or you got rid of it and it came back, register for this workshop now knowing that if you do the work you can bust the clutter, reclaim your space and increase your productivity.  This event is different because:

  • You’ll learn what clutter really is
  • I show you how to get to the root cause for your clutter; why you can’t get rid of it
  • You’ll learn how to address the root cause, the clutter in your space and the clutter associated with its connections


The key to eliminating your clutter is identifying what’s at its coreThis event creates the space for you to be able to:

  • Get to what’s at the heart of your clutter
  • Create & execute your plan to eliminate your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual  clutter associated with the clutter in your environment
  • Bust the clutter for good and stop it from being a constant in your life

Don’t hesitate and let your clutter continue to grow.  Stop it dead in its tracks by registering now.  Give up working with the cluttered desk and cluttered office space and get your seat now while there’s still room.  The process starts as soon as you register with the pre-workshop materials.  Don’t miss this opportunity!