The Procrastination Tree

What fruit hangs from your procrastination tree? (what it looks like in your life) We're exploring the roots, branches and fruit of your Procrastination Tree. Have you unknowingly taken an oath to put things off?  We'll take a look at the tree you've planted and have been nurturing over time. You'll get present to your daily grind and what you need to get through your days to shift the grind to a groove with my 5 Ps. I'll also give you a way to tackle that list of 101 things you've been meaning to do and actually get them done! 

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Psychology Not Psycho

Yes, I'm a total geek but I promise I won't bore you when we get into the psychology of procrastination. I just want you to know that you're not psycho, so you'll understand why you do what you do, what kind of procrastinator you are and what you're really avoiding when you put things off. Then you're going to create your plan for that list of 101 things we talk about the day before. The best part of Day 2 is that I'm going to show you how you can use your ghastly little habit to help you get things done. Yes, that's right---procrastination can be used to help you knock out your to dos.

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What's Your Why?

We're dipping into your "why?" We'll look at what appears to be the reason you put things off and then go deep to uncover the real reason you procrastinate. Because it's never about the surface stuff, trust me. Your procrastination is not about what you think it's about. Walk away knowing how to boot procrastination out of your life, unless you want to hold onto it for some insane reason. If that's the case I want to know your "why?" for that. Before it's all said and done you'll choose which solutions you're going to employ and I'll show you how to get your 5 Ps in play so you'll be set up to get it done.

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You Can't Get Started
You're still going through your weeks with the same incomplete things hanging over your head day after day saying, “I’ll do it later”. When later comes, you put it off again. This is how "tomorrow" becomes your busiest day. Although it may end up being your fullest day, we both know that it never comes. That's not going to help make your life work.
It's Costing You
Your procrastination is costing you money and that's not good. If your hourly rate breaks down to $300/hour and you're putting things off for 2 hours a day, it's costing you $3K each week which comes down to $12K a month. I wouldn't be right if I didn't make it real for you so get ready to do the math chica!
You Don't Know Why or What to Do
When you keep having to look at the list of things you haven't done it's frustrating not just because it's not done, but because you don't know why you can't get going on it or what to do so that you can. You may have even tried solutions that only left you back at square one. Leaving it that way isn't going to work and it won't help you tackle the things you've been putting off.
Uncover What's Going On
Take a look at everything you've been delaying and craft your plan to get it done--if it's worthy of your time. This series is designed to help you deal with the "surface stuff", but more importantly the things you can't see that lie beneath the surface and stop paying the high cost of putting it off. Procrastination is costing you more than your time and money.
Dig Deep
Like I mentioned, a long time ago I learned that my procrastination was about something that was going on inside of me. It was happening on a much deeper level so I started to dig and do some self discovery. After going beyond what seemed obvious I found something sitting at the core of my habit that explained it all. That was what needed to be resolved.
The Missing Piece of the Puzzle
This series gives you the piece of the puzzle that you've been missing all this time. It's the one thing you've been looking for that will explain why you delay certain tasks, what's at the heart of it and just how to get things done. One of the best things about this series is me showing you how to use procrastination to help you be productive. Yes, it's possible.
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About Sheila

Hey there! I'm Sheila Hawkins and I am a not so ordinary productivity coach for women business owners. My method for working with clients is based upon my belief that productivity is personal, which means putting yourself at the core of getting things done. I change the way women in business see this thing we call time and how they approach getting things done. I help you dig deep to find the reasons for your productivity issues, because that's where the solutions are. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and work because that's what you'll be doing in this Master Class Series.